The Soul of Ikasatu Kirasawa:

Composed of Six Recognized Items Sa20120804v5
|Computers| |Swords| |Music| |Architecture| |Link| |Stand-Up Comedy|

I was born into a world of computers; my father worked for Cray Supercomputers,
my mother introduced me to video games on the family's TI-99/4A.
I received my first computer when I was three,
and have learned (mostly through cleaning up my own tragic messes) to use them.
I was troubleshooting at eight, upgrading at twelve, and building my own from scratch by fifteen.
Having been born before The-Capital-"I"-Internet,
I learned to swim in the ancient BBS and Newsgroup waters of the '80s.
Like most tech-savvy teenagers, I worked freelance tech support.
The computers we have to-day are the things we dreamed of when I was a kid,
and I don't intend to waste the opportunity to make the very most of it all.

Swords. The sight, the sound, the feel.
When I walked home as a kid, fictive giants blocked my path,
and I slew them with every fallen branch on which I could lay hands.
The iron in my Scottish blood is magnetized when I hold steel.
Killing isn't brave or grand, but sword fighting is an art form.
I don't want to fight for my life, but I enjoy the thrill of the practice.

"Music is the wing and the updraft" - Ikasatu Kirasawa
Since my very earliest days, perhaps even before that time, music has been integral to my person, to deny beat, melody, or harmony, is to hold my breath interminably. Drums light a fire within me, flutes send a chill down my spine, don't even get me started on the string section. I cannot deny music, I must listen. There is not a "type" of music for which there are not songs of redeeming value, in my humble consideration. Folk music is a favorite, and within that category, Japanese, Russian, Irish, Scottish, African, and the American Indian songs speak to me most favorably. I'm sure there are others that don't come readily to mind. I call myself a music lover, because I can't categorically reject any music.
Except that of Celine Dion, who cannot use a beautiful voice to make music, she must bolster it with backup choirs, synthesizers, and all manner of superfluous gadgetry, to make each tune a Celine Dion Epic. She destroyed "God Bless America", the same as someone would destroy a Van Gogh by covering it with multi-colored glitter and strobe-lights. The point at hand remains. I love music.

A good building is a terribly difficult thing to plan. So many buildings have already been created, it seems an impossible feat to design something that is original, but doesn't look like an obscure paperweight or perfume bottle.
I love cathedrals, and castles especially. The complex interweaving of space leaves me awe-struck. Russia was a mine of stunning cathedrals. I enjoy a fascination with a good buttressed dome, or gothic archway. I am constantly struck by the human feats of engineering, when it comes to shelter.

The Zelda series of games, and the idea of Link in general...
A wanderer, doing good works in a land of magic would actually be enough for me. That Nintendo saw fit to make it the story of a swordsman/archer doing these good deeds in a land of magic, accompanied by beautiful music... Well, it's like Christmas, really. Additionally, the temples in Ocarina of Time are master-works to behold. The whole land of Hyrule is magestic, but each "dungeon" is a scuplture of highest art.
To be Link, is to be and have everything of which I can dream, with the exception of the following things: giants robots, race cars, computers, or pants. To be Link is to appeal to the highest ideals of humanity; Power with responsability, Wisdom with purpose, and Courage without fail. I have been, for the last few years, accumulationg the parts of a cosplay (costumed player) outfit, so that for short periods of time, I can be The Hero of Time, the Waker of Winds, the brave and honest Hylian swordsman. To think that I would pass, if only for a moment, as Link, is to fulfill my deepest wish.
(Also: girls dig a guy in tights)

Stand-Up Comedy:
The mark of a good comedian, is that they know what you're thinking. A good stand up act uses that to its advantage, usually to boot you from behind while you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. A good laugh helps to lighten the soul, and living requires that.
Stand-up comedy is the interveinous form of humor. Not a quick shot, like a good joke (or a bad one you enjoy, I suppose), and not the long-term intake that is a good book; a solo comedy act is the best thing one person can give to the world.
"If you are going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh. Otherwise they'll kill you." - George Bernard Shaw

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